Coffee Prince | a joyful visit :)

Well if you watch one of Korean TV drama called Coffee Prince, then U won’t miss a visit to the place.

Yes, indeed, that not just a filming set. That’s the real coffee shop.

A joyful visit with my Ewha’s friends 🙂

Remember this TV drama? 😀

And whala, here’s the interior of the Coffee Prince

This is where they made the orders, including casheer to pay your bills

This is where they made the orders, including casheer to pay your bills

This is me with friends from Ewha. For sure we’re not discussing about International Negotiation assignment (I missed that class so much. not the brain rape part ^^)

see the red metal shelter behind? the casts of the TV drama signed it all there

Another angle

we may leave messages on this wall. Silly me, I didn't leave any messages 😦

not for sale mug. They're nice though 😦 anybody sell this?

Piece of art

closer look

Here are the casts. not for sale poster :-/

Sort of menu

cake menus + seats

Seoul, South Korea.2009


5 thoughts on “Coffee Prince | a joyful visit :)

  1. when you came, i think it was still very lovely. when i came, it was not even reach my expectation. the waiter was rude, the coffee was too sweet and it was not cozy at all. 😦 i think the one in buam-dong (the other shooting location of coffee prince) was much better than this one. too bad. -widhi

    • hi wizwidz…
      i have a similar opinion like yours..
      i went there yesterday….

      i love the drama very much….


      the place is not as beautiful like in the drama..
      the place is somehow not tidy.. the plants outside seems like don’t have anyone to care for them, there are some traffic cones and like unused stuff on the terrace near the fence. i dont take picture of this because already lost my feeling and excitement), so many cans written “Musetti” at outdoor and indoor.. So not tidy.

      and yes the waiter was not nice to me too. She didn’t smile at all to me. When we entered the cafe, she didn’t show us seat, didn’t let us seat first too. Show the menu directly in front of the cashier and said to me, “please pay first” twice. After my friends and me chose the coffee and paid. She also didn’t try to find or suggest us seat.

      When my friends and me finished our coffee but we were still talking to each other. The same waiter came and took our cups suddenly so nothing is left on our table. WTH ??? At that time, the cafe’s not full at all! There’re still empty tables!
      Why she took our cups away? I’ve ever been to many coffee shops before and seat for quite a long time (sometimes more than 5 hours) but waiter never ever take away my cup!

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