[postaweek2011] Three Countries I’d Like to Visit in Europe

[Okay WordPress, I’ll try my best to do your 2011 challange. As you describe in the blog.]

Here are 3 countries I would love to visit (and might be over and over again)


1. United Kingdom

Reasons: I like Mr. Bean very much, laugh out loud when Simon Cowell being so much sarcastic ( reminds me to one of my friend ), Susan Boyle + George Sampson + Aidan Davis + Cher Lloyd + Diversity are the superb entertainers,  Keira Knightley is super-awesome actress, Harry Potter, Alexander McQueen (his collections are soo British), no logic reason why I love to hear people speak in British accent, and foremost, Red elements in London public facilities give sparkles within 🙂 And why I should resist? 😉

Cities on wishlist: London, Oxford, Birmingham

Rumour (or maybe facts): Costly, as my friends said. Is it?

London and its Red elements

2. Lithuania

Reasons: (Mainly reason) my friend is Lithuanian :), my Ewha professor had an art exhibition on Summer 2008, mushrooms in vain (in the forest of course. I love anykind of mushroom cuisines), less people on big cities (the best part).

Cities on wishlist: Vilnius, Kaunas, what else Mod?

3. Albania

Reasons: (Mainly reason) my friend is Albanian :), a great pilgrimage trip if I go there on Ramadhan. Tirana has a beautiful mosque to visit 🙂

Cities on wishlist: Tirana, any other reccomendation Viola?

Facts: Albanian love hugs as much as I do 😀 Viola was my huggable friend ever 😉


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